Can You Read Books With Audible

Can You Read Books With Audible

Can You Read Books With Audible

The term “Audible” is bound to come up in discussions about literature and reading. With millions of audiobooks, podcasts, and Audible Originals available, it’s no wonder Audible—owned by Amazon—has become a popular source.

A common concern, though, is whether or not Audible offers free books. Yes, to put it plainly. You need to learn more about Audible, its features, and how it works before you can figure out how to get these free Audible books.

Audible: What Is It and How Does It Operate?
Audible is a well-liked service that offers a wide variety of audiobooks, including new releases, bestsellers, science fiction, and children’s stories. Podcasts and original content created and distributed only by Audible, called Audible Originals, are also part of the service. Audible is accessible on many different platforms, including Alexa-enabled devices and the Audible app for iOS and Android.

The process of subscribing to Audible is simple. To sign up for an Audible account, go to or the Audible website. Listeners who have subscribed to Audible can utilize the credits they receive each month to purchase audiobooks.

It should be mentioned that Audible offers two main membership tiers: Audible Plus and Audible Premium Plus.

Audible Plus

You can listen to every audiobook on Audible, as well as new releases, podcasts, Audible originals, free audiobooks, and more—all for only $7.95 a month with Audible Plus.

Advantages of the plan:

Rate: $7.95 per month
Try it risk-free for 30 days
Listen to audiobooks created by Audible
Resting places
Programs for meditation
Audio recordings
Audible Gold Subscription
With an Audible Premium Plus subscription, you can listen to anything in the Audible catalog, as well as all of the audiobooks in the Audible collection.

Audible Premium Plus Plan

Price: $14.95/month
Try it risk-free for 30 days
Includes all of the audiobooks published by Audible
Audible Gold Membership From the extensive list of best-selling titles, members receive one title per month. For all time.
Although Amazon owns Audible, it isn’t always accessible to Amazon Prime members. Even if you already have an Amazon Prime account, you still need to buy an Audible subscription and select the correct Audible Plan.

Making the Most of Audibles Free Book Selection
Unlike with Netflix or Spotify, getting free audiobooks on Audible is a bit of a pain. Despite the fact that you can get to them in specific ways.

To kick things off, new Audible customers can take advantage of a free trial that includes either one or two audiobooks, depending on the plan chosen. After the trial finishes, you can still listen to these free audiobooks in your Audible library.

However, Amazon Prime subscribers will also receive a special gift. They don’t have unrestricted access to Audible, but they can listen to over 50 audiobooks every month from the Audible Plus catalog.

Is it easy to find high-quality audiobooks for free?
In particular, Audible Plus and Audible Premium Plus subscribers have access to a large library of free books on Audible. For free, these members can peruse the Audible Plus Catalog, which contains hundreds of audiobooks, podcasts, and Audible Originals, among other things. Almost every interest should be catered to among the many accessible categories, which span from children’s literature to self-help, business, and science fiction and mysteries.

Along with this, Amazon Prime members may listen to over fifty audiobooks for free from the Audible Plus catalog, which is updated on a regular basis. Additionally, it is worth keeping a watch on the Audible site for opportunities to receive free audiobooks or exclusive content as part of special campaigns or events.

Be advised that although there are plenty of free options, they usually do not cover the latest releases or the most popular titles. If you’re an Audible Premium Plus member, you can use a credit to buy these titles, or you can buy them separately.

The Best Way to Find Free Books on Audible by Genre
First, head over to the Audible Plus Catalog to look for free books in a certain genre. There, you can browse books of all kinds, from science fiction to nonfiction, and beyond, by category. The Audible website and app both have search bars where you may enter keywords to find specific content.

Is Amazon Prime free for Audible subscribers?
Even though Amazon owns both Audible and Amazon Prime, Amazon Prime members do not get full access to Audible at no cost. As an advantage of becoming a Prime member, you can listen to some Audible content for free. A revolving collection of over fifty audiobooks from Audible’s Plus Catalog is part of this complimentary content.

Audible membership fees are distinct from Amazon Prime membership fees.

Can You Read Books With Audible

Are There Any Additional Perks or Freebies for Audible Members?
Audible members get a lot more than just free audiobooks; they also get:

entry to discounted prices
Gain access to the Audible Originals library and save 30% on all regularly priced audiobooks.
Members of Audible Plus have unrestricted access to the Audible Plus Catalog, while members of Audible Premium Plus receive monthly credits redeemable for any audiobook.

The Downsides of Audible Membership: What Are They?
Audible has many benefits, but it also has some possible drawbacks.

For some users, the $14.95/month price of Audible Premium Plus might be too much to pay for a monthly subscription. The availability of well-liked books is another matter of concern. Although Audible has an extensive catalog, not all books are available in audiobook format.

A member’s Audible credits also expire after a specific amount of time has passed if they are not used, though this time frame varies by membership type. Audible books are protected by digital rights management (DRM), which means they cannot be shared or transferred between different platforms, unlike services like Overdrive.

In conclusion, free books are available on Audible, but you must be aware of the terms and conditions. Access a variety of free audiobooks by signing up for an Audible trial, becoming an Amazon Prime member, or perusing the Audible Plus Catalog.

Audible is a great resource for people who want to explore the immersive world of audiobooks, despite a few downsides. It offers a wide variety of content, such as new audiobooks, full cast performances, and even the classic “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.”

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